Mr. Blackley
Phone: 586-6333 x6701


This course will make you aware of the vast world of Technical Theatre.


  • Learn the fundamentals of stage craft
  • Learn lighting, sound, stage manager’s duties
  • Learn stage construction


  • Work on two mainstage productions & all performances.
  • Take and pass the safety test.
  • Construction of the sets (Afterschool hours TBA)
  • Completion of projects and assignments.


You are going to be working on two productions in the Fall.  You must be available after school and for all of the performances.  Missing due to work or prior commitments will not be excused.

  • OCT 25-29   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • NOV. 16-19   Red Velvet Cake War


  • NO drinking or eating in the Auditorium.
  • You must adhere to all rules regarding use of power tools.
  • I adhere to a strict tardy policy.
  • No smoking or open flames.
  • NO horseplay of any kind will be permitted.
  • You may want to bring a change of clothes since construction/painting is part
    of the class.


You will have assignments, projects and duties on each production. That means that EVERY GRADE COUNTS. The grading scale is attached to this sheet.

Productions / Performances: 30%
Participation: 30%
Final Project: 20%
Attendance: 20%