Mr. Blackley
Phone: 586-6333 x6701


This class examines aspects of the theatre including an in-depth look at the history of theatre. It gives the student the opportunity to develop his/her artistic ability through the attainment of intermediate acting techniques.


  • Learn different acting styles
  • Learn dialects
  • Develop an understanding of theatre history


  • See two plays/musicals and write a review of the performance.
  • Keep an acting journal
  • Read a play from the play list each month and write a summary


  • NO gum, food, make-up or drinks are allowed in the auditorium. This will count against your grade (10 points each)
  • Go to the bathroom BEFORE or AFTER class
  • I adhere to a strict tardy policy.


You will keep daily acting journal. You need to have a composition book to write your evaluations and information you learn in class. These journals are for the instructor’s eyes only & will not be read by others. Periodically, I will collect the journals for grading. Make sure that they are written in a composition book. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR JOURNAL WITH YOU!!!!


You are encouraged to audition for the various festivals that we attend. The audition dates will be on the callboard.


Every assignment is weighted. The scale is outlined in this packet. This means that EVERY GRADE COUNTS. You must participate in all exercises and assignments. PERFORMANCE IS MANDATORY!!!

Presentations / Performances: 30%
Participation / Journal: 30%
Homework/Play Review: 20%
Final: 20%


  • Notebook with paper and a folder for handouts and scripts
  • Pens, highlighter and pencil
  • Acting Journal