Mr. Blackley
Phone: 586-6333 x6701


This class will explore all aspects of theatre. You will get daily points for participation. EVERYONE MUST PARTICIPATE TO EARN THE CREDITS IN THIS CLASS!!!


  • Developing your acting skills
  • Learn technical application
  • Memorize monologues and scenes
  • Learn pantomime techniques


  • See one play/musical per semester and write a review.
  • Participation in class work
  • Every Wednesday “Critic’s Corner.”


  • NO gum, food, make-up or drinks are allowed in class. This will count against your grade
  • Go to the bathroom BEFORE or AFTER class
  • I adhere to a strict tardy policy. Please review the school’s policy
  • Please stay in the rehearsal areas in the drama class and surrounding outside area


  • Developing Characters: To apply how an actor becomes a believable character.
  • Relationships: To understand the relationships of characters as well as the actor’s role in the Theatre
  • “Critics Corner”: To discuss the role of the critic and how to write a theatrical review
  • Pantomime: To understand the aspects of pantomime and the body’s role
  • Reader's Theatre: To synthesize the form of Reader’s Theatre.
  • Costume / Make-Up Design: To illustrate the Costumer’s role in Theatre
  • History: To formulate a basic awareness of Theatre history
  • Monologues: To create a character’s monologue for performance
  • Improvisation: To differentiate between scripted work and improvisational
  • Performance: To perform scenes for one night TBA


Presentations / Performances: 30%
Participation: 30%
Homework: 20%
Final: 20%

I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK. If you have an excused absence, I will take the work the day you return!


Extra theatre reviews of productions are the only extra credit that I accept. Make sure that the ticket stub or program is stapled toyour typed review.


This is the format for doing the review on the play that you see and any extra credit. IT IS A REQUIREMENT TO SEE ONE PLAY BEFORE THE END OF THE SEMESTER!!

  1. A summary of the play. What is the play about? Where does the play take place? Who are the main characters?
  2. What conventions of the theatre are used? Ex. Curtains, spotlights, costumes, breaking the fourth wall, etc.
  3. What technical aspects enhance or take away from the performance? Are there any special effects used?
  4. Which character did you like the best? Why? What was it about the actor’s performance that you liked/disliked? Did they create a believable character? How?
  5. Overall rating of the play. Make sure you include a scale of good to poor.

Each one of these points should be about 6-8 sentences in length. If there are other elements you want to discuss in the play, feel free to add them. Your ticket stub or program must be with the review in order to get credit.


When picking a scene, these rules must be followed:

  • NO swearing, smoking, or sexual innuendo or situations.
  • The instructor must approve ALL scenes
  • NO movie or television scenes. This is a theatre class.