The curtain has closed on the following productions. To check out what's playing this year, please visit the Current Season page.

2004 - 2005 History

  • The Phantom Tollbooth : Drama II
  • Mrs. California: Drama III & IV
  • Murder in Baker Street: Drama III & IV
  • School House Rock: All School Musical
  • Murder at the Hop: Student Written Interactive Dinner Theatre
  • The Great American Cheese Sandwich: One Act
    • Outstanding Actor: Bryan Wank
    • Outstanding Actor: Kyle Seitz
    • Outstanding Actress: Kirsten Dierking
  • The Complete History of America, Abridged: One Act
    • Mike Baca, Andy Pegan, Kris Urban
    • 1st Place @ Long Beach Theatrefest

Other Awards

  • A Time to Kill: Monologue: Doshanna Bell
    • 1st Place @ South Coast RoleAbout
  • A Different Kind of Love Story: Monologue: Doshanna Bell
    • 3rd Place @ Long Beach Theatrefest
  • Malibu Barbie: Monologue: Stephanie Van Boxtel
    • 3rd Place @ South Coast RoleAbout
  • Buck Rodgers: Radio Play
    • 2nd Place @ South Coast RoleAbout
  • CETA Festival
    • Set Design: Mike Baca
    • Sound Design: Bryan Wank
    • Outstanding Theatrical Work: Jessica Chico, Eric Zipper, Esprit Ogle, Sara Ridley, Nathan Hower, Andrew George, Jeff Bartholemy