Your mission..should you choose to accept it:

  • Bring an interesting object
  • Show respect for the Improv Sports ref
  • Make useful suggestions!! (see below)

ETHS ComedySportz uses audience suggestions to create the funny. In general, there is just about no suggestion we will not take. There are, however, a few simple guidelines to giving "good" suggestion - after all, if the scene is bad, it's your fault!

This is a FAMILY show!!

If you are new to Improv in general or Improv Sports specifically, then chances are you've thought to yourself "I've got the greatest suggestion EVER!!" … Because you know (you just know) that the absolute height of comic brilliance will emerge if you raise your hand, and suggest something shocking. Please refrain from doing so as the actletes' PARENTS are in the well as their little brothers and sisters! Besides, it will just make you look like an idiot when we turn you down.

Audience Participation Tips

Questions: Often times, the Improv Sports ref will ask the audience a particular question in order to solicit a suggestion. For example: "We need something you would find in your pocket?" or "Where is a place you would go on vacation?"

Now, we're your psychic friends, so we know what is going through your minds. It goes something like this: "Oh boy oh boy, he just asked for something I would find in my pocket… I know, I'll say my Grandmother!!".

And the comedy ensues.

See, Grandmother is funny, After all, no one is expecting you to say Grandmother, cuz after all, how could she fit in your pocket?? You've got to have some mighty big pockets, for your Grandmother to fit in there. Unless you do have some big pockets… Do you? Have big pockets, I mean?

See, the whole idea of having actletes going up on a stage to perform is to see if they can entertain us, the audience. And that's just what you murder when your try and "out-funny" the actletes with your suggestion.

Here's a hint: "Normal" suggestion = "Funny" scenes ... "Funny" suggestion = you getting one laugh and then having to sit through the next 10 minutes of mind-numbing nonsense because some freak thought "in my sock drawer" was a great place to go on vacation.

Actions: Many Improv Sports games ask the audience for an action. This is typically in the form of a task the actletes will attempt to complete before the close of the game.

Good action suggestions are general and can occupy the actletes throughout the game. Building a bridge, disarming the bomb, cleaning the house etc. are all good action suggestions.

Bad action suggestions are either too specific or require too little action to complete. Thinking, crossing the street, putting the lime in the coconut, breakdancing while translating the Magna Carta in a centrifuge... are all bad action suggestions.

Relationships: For many Improv Sports games the audience is asked to give the relationship between the actletes. The relationship helps set the character types and defines who these actletes are to each other.

Good relationship suggestions are general and give either contrast or connections to the actletes. Examples of good relationship suggestions are father & son, doctor & patient, angel & devil.

Bad relationship suggestions are too specific and/or relations that are not playable by the actletes. William Howard Taft & a bathtub, the upper & lower intestine, the unstoppable force & immovable object are example of bad relationship suggestions.

Situations: Most Improv Sports games require an environment in which the actletes can perform. Typically the host of the game will ask for a non-geographic location, which can either be real or imaginary.

Good situation suggestions give the actletes a general background to perform actions. Some examples of good situation are on a farm, in the desert, in a hospital, at a funeral.

Bad situation suggestions are too specific and/or restrict the choices of the actletes. In stasis, locked in a phone-booth, purgatory, enveloped in lime Jell-O while falling from 30,000 feet towards the Amish summer home of Buzz Aldren.... are all bad situation suggestions.