Class of 2000

tiffany miner

Tiffany Miner (Magazzeni)

AIM: tiffanydiane82

A year after high school I moved to New York City to pursue acting and to become a famous Broadway star! After many auditions, including two really great experiences auditioning for the lead in Hairspray and Rent, I decided to take a break. That is when I met and fell in love, with my now husband, Seann. We were married Janurary of 2004. Since I was so driven to be a actress for so long I had neglected my studies. Now I am a little older and wiser, so I have decided to put my artistic abilities to use and enroll in an art school where I can study animation and graphic design. Although I have been accepted to one of the top art and design schools in New York, I decided that California is my home and my husband and I will be returning in June so we can start to build a life together and so I can pursue my education. Although I am little behind my former fellow classmates, I am excited to start school and see where it will take me.

Theatre will always be my first love and I vow to one day return to it and become successful. Who knows one day you might see me on the big screen afterall! I have kept in touch with a few Theatoros over the years, but I miss the wacky days of Drama Class. I am very happy to see the progress that has been made in the Theatre Department and I think Mr. Blackley has done a wonderful job! Break a leg to Theatoros old and new!

Amber Bair (Henry)


Just now going back to school. I've been married for almost three yrs to one of our countries fine men in uniform. I have the pleasure of traveling around the country and world. I currently live in Md.

christina woog

Christina Woog

AIM: chrissyinabiskit

After El Toro, I attended UCLA where I received a BA in Design | Media Arts with a Music History minor. I still live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend of 8 years and work for an Internet marketing company as a department head. I hope to start taking up lessons and classes again and maybe start going on some community theatre auditions or open calls up here as I really miss acting and singing. I'd love to hear from other ETHS Thespians. You can find me on Facebook or Myspace.


I am currently finishing up my last year at UCLA, getting a BA in Design | Media Arts. I work for a .com family / media related website, and also do freelance web / graphic design work when I am not busy with school. Unfortunately for me, school has kind of placed theater and singing on the way-back burner for me; there really has been no time between studying and working to afford expensive west los angeles! So, I have not been in any productions since I left El Toro, though I have tried to keep up with vocal coaching. My plan is that once I graduate I will have time and freedom to pursue acting on my own while having a job to support my efforts! I would really love to keep in touch with some of the alumni or students who might remember me - I have been around design students too long and need some drama people to spark my love for the craft again!!

Class of 2001

rose brooks

Rose Brooks

AIM: jello085
Yahoo: jello3357

I haven't been up to much but I have grown up a lot. I joined the Marines and was in for about a year till I was kicked out cause they found out that I have an irregular heart that causes me to have seizures. I am now working as a security guard in Irvine Cali. Yes I am still in Cali until December, when I'm moving to Porterville. I haven't been going to school and I haven't been doing Tech as much as I want to be.

I am going to be going back to school though as of Fall 2004. I know what I want to do with my life and I think its time to be where I should be. It seems like everyone is doing so well with there lives. I think its my turn to have the happiness that everyone once told me I would have. Tiffany, Surtata, Izzy, and everyone I really miss you and I have seen you guys all grow up so much and I am happy that I was and am still apart of all your lives. You know if you ever need a techie that will drop everything in a second to be a part of that family again it would be me.

I still wear my tech shirt and I still carry all my safety pins cause I know there is always someone out there who needs one. I really haven't changed a bit and I know you all would not have wanted me to. I hope we will all be a part of the family we once had but if not which I am sure won't happen you all have a place in my heart and I will never forget the memories we all had. I really will never forget the swing dancing before show started for good luck, the time I had to be stage manager and you believed in me more then anyone in the world, the techie fest that scared a few off, and just all the fun we ever had.

I know the few that read this can remember this "How to Succeed in Business" lives on in my heart and a few of the others of you forever. I love you and miss you lots. Please email me or anything let me know how life is treating you all.

Love always,
Rose Brooks aka
Jello, Eddie, Clyde, #1 techie and etc......

melissa richards

Melissa Richards (Martin)

AIM: iris635

After graduating El Toro I attended Sonoma State University in Northern California for 2 years. I then got married and moved with my military husband to Arizona. We lived there for a little over a year and I attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute. Then in November 2004, Kristi Ure from the class of 2002 died in a car crash. I still think about it almost everyday. In January 2005 my husband and I were transferred to Anchorage, Alaska. Because we have 2 dogs and a rabbit we decided to drive all the way from Cali (where we spent the holidays with our families) to Alaska. In parts of Alaska and The Yukon the temperatures were 60 below zero. Alaska has been a new and interesting experience. The summers are crazy with about 21 hours of sun a day, with the complete opposite during winter. It is a little hard to get used to. Anchorage is just like any regular city with a lot of homeless people, stop lights, and sucky drivers. I am currently 5 months pregnant.

It's been an absolute miserable pregnancy. I am due in February and in April I will be visiting Cali for a month with my new baby because of a friends wedding. Then hopefully in 2009, when my husband gets out of the Air Force, we will move back down to either Arizona or Colorado. Who knows, if we can we may even move back to OC so he can work at John Wayne when it becomes an international airport. That's enough news for now.

Surata Shields

AIM: uneatenpasta

This autumn finds me back in California and, for the first time in seventeen years, not buying school supplies. In May I completed my degrees and am looking forward to putting my education and ambition to some good use. I have decided to continue in the direction of theatre education and applied theatre. I will be Stateside for a calendar year testing the waters before grad school.

Ashley Kirby


I have been attending CSUF. Started out a theatre major...changed my major to have decided to become a High School English teacher! Sounds boring, huh? I have one year left before I graduate! Yay! Then I plan on entering the Teaching Credential Program offered at CSUF.

Class of 2002

Elizabeth Buckser

AIM: ebuckser02

I am currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Drama (emphasis in Stage management). I am about to open (tomorrow) my first show of the year. A comedy called Sly Fox based on Jonson's Volpone. I am the first Assistant Stage Manager. This week is also final project week, and final critiques/reviews are the week after thanksgiving. I am taking 9 classes, including my first Stage Management one! Last summer I had my first paying job at home in Lake Forest in the Showboaters production of Brigadoon. I was the Stage Manager. I will be returning home for Winter break, back to the warm weather of California. Being in Pittsburgh is a lot different. I plan on spending part of the summer interning on the east coast, and part of it in California. I hope that everyone is doing well, and commend the new website. It looks great, though I fear that I miss some of the names on the old one. I hope that everything is doing well out there in Cali, and hope to see familiar faces come December.


Justin Young

AIM: supercow78

Been going to UCSB. This is my last year.

Class of 2003

Ashleigh Powalski


I graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Television in April 2006. Now I am working at TV Guide Channel getting the best first real work experience I could ask for! I am writing and producing my own packages and getting on-camera practice by standing in. I am working on the red carpets for Award Season '07 and most recently field produced the "Shout-Out camera" for TVG Channel's live coverage of the SAG Awards Red Carpet where I got to interview celebrities myself!

Hope the season has been going well!

Amber Losey


I have been perfecting awesomeness since graduation. Also, I got my AA (yes, I once had an alcohol problem) from Saddleback in "general studies." I have done a few community theater productions here and there and was part of an improv group for a little while. I mainly work now as a nanny for an incredible family of 4 year old triplets. (shout out to my girls!) I have a super cool boyfriend, rad house with my BFFs and a really awesome life! I would love to get an e-mail from anyone anytime soon. Please be my friend, I'm not a bitch anymore.

Class of 2004

marcia meyers

Marcia Meyers

AIM: iflewithpeterpan

I'm currently attending Whittier College as a freshman. I plan on majoring in child development. I like monkeys and Peter Pan. I will be performing in the Vagina Monologues soon!

I am now a Junior at Whittier College. I am majoring in Child Development, with a minor in Elementary Education, in hopes to become an elementary school teacher. I am heavily involved on campus and I love every moment of it. I pledged my sophmore year into a society, which is like a soriority and I love being part of something so spectacular. I am currently a Residential Advisor for upper class residents. I also work in the admissions office, so if any of you high schoolers are interested in Whitter you should get in touch with me. Over my winter break in late December I went to New Orleans with people from school and helped gut houses and it was so rewarding. So I've been doing great, hope you all are too.

I just finished my first year of graduate school at Whittier College (where I also did my undergraduate work) I'm currently getting my credentials and masters in Education. I hope to teach elementary school, preferably in Southern Orange County, maybe even in SVUSD, if I can get a job. I am also interested in getting my special education credential, so I can teach children with mild to moderate disabilities.

jessie nieblas

Jessie Nieblas

AIM: redheadled04
Web: Facebook

I just finished my first year at UCSB and am home until August 28th, when I will go back up to Santa Barbara for Resident Assistant (RA) training. I'm really excited to be serving as an RA next year, and am really looking forward to planning events and all that fun stuff. I will also be serving as Co-Chair of Take Back the Night, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault, and I will probably end up getting involved in a bunch of other activities. I wish everyone at El Toro and all the graduates the best of luck, and feel free to contact me if you want to visit sunny Santa Barbara!

jazette smillie

Jazette Smillie

AIM: sweetsmileyj2

I have been working as a full-time student at the University of California Irvine. I am currently undecided with my field of study. Hey, I am still living at home, with Sean telling me all about the drama department these days! I also work at Yankee Candle for as a little side job. I miss everyone, and be nice to my brother, lol!

natasha werbow

Natasha Werbow

AIM: redxhalo
Yahoo: TashieDoll

Right after high school I moved up north to San Francisco to attend SF State. I love this school and the theatre here is so great. I've learned so much in the past few months in my acting class. San Fran is a great city, though I do miss everyone from back at home, especially my family and boyfriend. Altogether though, life is pretty great :)

Class of 2005

erika abdelatif

Erika Abdelatif

AIM: lilkaysaurus

Well, today for lunch I had a chicken sandwich, with some fries. It was pretty good. A few of us went to BJs.

HAHAHA. JK. Well not really. I go to Chapman, it pretty much rocks. The theatre department is pretty intense. No more naps in class, dang. I auditioned for one show..but didn't make it. Its cool though, if anyone knows of any shows with open auditions coming up...lemme know. Alright. Contact me anyways. I miss (some of) you! <3


vanessa chavez

Vanessa Chavez

AIM: musiclflov

I've been going to college at Golden West in Huntington Beach. I'll be teaching Hunchback of Notre Dame in November.

erika mcelroy

Erika McElroy


Well i thought id update you guys since im not doing what i said i would be doing. Right now i live in Denver. I am a photography major at the Art Institute of Colorado. I love it here. I do miss theatre though. I get the chance to work one show a year, i help out with a drag show for aids service foundation. I also just got hired to be a lighting designer for screamworks entertainment to light haunted houses in Denver for the halloween season of 09. Im pretty excited about it. After i graduate from AIC i have an internship lined up with W magazine in NYC. Im pretty excited about that as well. Well thats about all i have going for myself at the moment. Hope all is well with all of you. Keep dreaming.

Dear Diary,

yea so i know alot of you think i started disney hahahahahaha yea well i decided to blow them off yup. BUT that wasnt the last i heard form them, They have requested me to join their tech team. I haven't yet but i most likely will in the summer of 06. I traveled a little. I went to New Jersey, New York and South Carolina for Kris' Basic gradution. I attend Fullerton College. I am a theatre major. I plan on getting my teaching credentials so someday i can teach high school drama. I also want to minor in photography. Yup i think thats about it for now!

~Over and Out

erika mcelroy

Erin Urban (McElroy)

AIM: gaullable87
Yahoo: ericastwin

Since the day i put on that blue gown in 05 (seems like forever ago) I attended fullerton college and did some shows with their theatre department until I moved to washington. There I got married to a fellow Drama alumni Kristopher Urban in april of 06. kris is in the Army and a few months after we were married we were sent to live in Germany for three years. I loved it! We had our son there his name is Kyler and he will now be 3 in january. He looks just like his dad! In germany I bar-tended, as well as being a stage manager for a theatre. I loved it! Kris was deployed for a year and a half of the three years being in germany so the stage managing really helped....our son was even in his first show at that theatre. We just got stationed in Kansas now. we missed the states but miss germany. Now I work for the Army in a after school program called SAS (school age services) I guessed it...Theatre! In my spare time my little family enjoy exploring kansas since its so new to us, and we are also planning a wedding for next June. We got married in a court house so now we are back in the states its time to have a wedding to celebrate with family and friends. we are getting married in an old 18 hundreds opera house! Life is good! Keep up the good work B-Dog! and break a leg drama students! follow your passions!

erika mcelroy

Christa Ogata

AIM: cwistatwista

I got to chill for a bit afterward high school. I got picked up to do some plus size modeling for a little known designer in San Pedro, California. I'm am also up to do some modeling for Torrid which is a company owned by Hot Topic Inc. Right now, I'm going to school at Saddleback but I'm not taking any theater classes and I'm very sad. Anyways, if there is anything else you guys wanna know or if you would like to talk to me all the info is here!

erika mcelroy

Sara Ridley


Since graduation I was in Anything Goes over the summer at Fullerton College and then got a job as a Hostess at Black Angus. In the fall I started college at Fullerton and I like it a lot, its a good school for people in theatre. I recently got off winter break and i'm back working in the mornings anyday but mondays and wednesdays, because I go to school those days. In my off time I like to do photography or just hang out with friends. Something new and exciting in my life.... I have recently scheduled an audition for the American Musical and Dramatics Academy in New York! So this semester at Fullerton is dedicated to preparing for my audition in May. If you'd like to talk more, my email is available and I can give you my screen name through there, if you'd like. Good Luck to everyone this year, if you love theatre, persue it, cause we are a small community in the business world and the passionate people need to keep it going.

Mike Baca

AIM: blisfulyunawair

I have been working with my show COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA. With two of my best friends David Miller and Roman Garcia. With many of El Toro's drama kids helping. I got to see Civic Center's Phantom Toll Booth and I can say even though it kicks El Toro's budget it couldnt beat the talent of its actors. Go El Toro Drama. Anyway Sept 26-28 I went on a road trip to San Francisco to see my show done by the guys who did it first. And one thing I did since graduation I saved for last.

I signed up for the United States Army Airborne Rangers. I ship out Sept 19 one day after my show closes.

Mackenzie Carrillo

AIM: xx4fallenstarzxx

Wut up guys!! It's been a while! Miss all of ya! Congratz on MacBeth! It was awesome! Well, since graduation I've been attending Fullerton College along with the Twins, Andy, Dan, and Sara! I plan on getting my General Ed done and either transferring to Cal State Fullerton or possibly auditioning for AMDA (American Musical Dramatic Academy) in New York!! That would be so awesome if I got into that school! But we will see what happens in a year! I hope to see some of you at Fullerton next year - if not, then i will see you guys at the Festival! =P

Jessica Chico

AIM: jessiepoo625

going to school and working 2 jobs!

Wyatt Kiedrowski

AIM: mrthewyatt

I am finishing up my lower division work at Saddleback College for my degree in Business. I have been accepted to Cal State Fullerton and I will be attending school of business in Fall 2007. I have been working for Wescom Credit Union as a Service Respresentative. I have not participated in any Theatre since graduating from El Toro, but the passion will always be there. Hopefully when things slow down I will be able to do a few shows.

I started going to school at Saddleback College and I am going to be a business major. I have also been working at Wescom Credit Union as a teller.

Esprit Ogle



Tommy Pepe


Having fun, living life, and joining a travel business that saves people money and may even set me off into a very lucrative position in my life. Oh yeah, and I cut my hair (big news to those who know me).

Ruth Ortiz


Wow 2 1/2 years go fast! Since graduation I decided to stay at Saddleback College and take a few classes. I'm still there and will be there for a couple of years. I am now currently working at Target and love it! I'm still singing... even decided to try for American Idol! It was a fun experience! Well, that's it for now!

Lauren Giles

AIM: caiphana

Oh, gosh. I can't believe it's almost been four years since I left ETHS. Feels like yesterday, feels like a life time.

Directly after high school, I did not get married (as planned), as a family emergency required the postponement of that sort of thing. The fiance and I lived together for a bit over two years before we finally tied the knot (November 23, 2007). I've had several jobs (have been laid off three times in the past two years), acted in two shows (Arsenic and Old Lace as well as The Importance of Being Earnest - I played Miss Prism!), and took a few classes at Saddleback.

Currently, I've gone a bit insane with pointy sticks and string (knitting), and will soon be launching an online business selling hand dyed sock yarn (there's a huge market for it, believe it or not ^_^). Hubby and I in the process of relocating to North Carolina (he's currently there working and basically setting up home, while I'm still here in OC), where we hope to spend the rest of our lives and make babies; my plan is to be a stay at home mom and continue with the yarn dyeing. I also want to raise sheep.

erika mcelroy

Doshanna Bell

AIM: xdoshiex

I just recently graduated The University of the Arts, Philadelphia,PA...with a Degree in Theater! :) Yess I kept up with it :) Life is good, and of course sometimes a struggle....trying to work my way to the top. I miss all of You. Feel free to email me anytime :) Live Laugh Love :)

Class of 2006

Andrew George


What have I been doing? Performing as a professional magician, both at Disneyland and private parties.

Just now getting back into school, working towards Philosophy/Music degree, wanting to transfer to a UC or State college within the next year and a half (in or out of state, haven't decided).

Gina McIntyre


It's been almost 4 years since graduation and in a state of nostalgia I stumbled across this website so I figured I'd put in my two cents. I will be graduating December of 2010 from Sonoma State University with my bachelors in English with a concentration in secondary education. The journey has been rough, stressful and busy but the best thing that ever happened to me. I have been living in the beautiful wine country for almost 4 years and I NEVER want to leave. For the past 3 years I committed my soul to work for mall retail at Bath and Body Works and I can't wait to leave and get into the classroom! Theater has not left my soul, as I continue to be a patron of the arts!

Stephanie Pegan


After high school I went to Cal State University Long beach not knowing exactly what I was going to major in. I LOVE the school, and found an amazing club on campus (which is a community service club) and met alot of new people. I am about to start my fourth semester, and finally decided on a major (Occupational Therapy), only to discover that CSULB does not offer it, and the only cal state that does is San Jose. So, I might be going to San Jose State a year from now, but who knows what will happen.

Other than school, I FINALLY left Anchor Blue and now work as a teller at Wells Fargo, which I love. That's about it. I'll update everyone if things get exciting :)

Class of 2007

Iliana ortiz



Class of 2008

melissa richards

Brandee Benefield


Well it hasn't been all that long since graduation, but Mr. Blackley yelled at me cause i haven't done the alumni page yet. So right now i am attending Irvine Valley College just getting my GE credits out of the way. I have been keeping myself very busy with school and work. I'm not doing any theatre right now but i hope to pick it back up soon. I definitely miss the shows at El Toro and i do miss Mr. Blackley!!!!! Break a leg everybody!

Well a lot has definitely changed since last time i posted here. I actually moved to Denver, Co for a while to attend the AVEDA Institute for cosmetology. Then i ended up moving back home to OC. Now i am going to Goldenwest College for cosmetology still. Will be graduating in about a year. I hope to get right into a salon and start assisting and working. However my career dream is to get on a set or show somewhere and do hair and make up for either theatre, tv or movies. :) That is all! I am happy with my life and love what i am doing!

Class of 2009

Shayla Contla


Hello all! Well graduation was only a few months ago and I've already started college! I am attending Saddleback College right know and majoring in Fashion Design with a focus on costume design! See? My theater background hasnt left me!! I am very excited for the 2009-2010 season! I will be attending every show! Break a leg guys!

Since graduation, I have been going to school at both Irvine Valley College and Saddleback Valley college. I am currently majoring in Film Studies to become a Film History Archivist. I didn't always know what I wanted to do after high school though. It took a while to really decide. I went through different majors and also wasn't sure if I even wanted to transfer to a university. Now I am diligently working on transferring to a Cal State. After that, I hope to get my masters at NYU in their film and tv archiving program.

I have changed a lot since high school, not just in appearance but with my personality as well. I'm not the same Shayla I once was but I am happy. I still keep in contact with some of my fellow drama kids but not as much as I used too. I haven't been back for a show in a while so I think I'll make that a priority. The things I learned in drama have really helped me in my life and especially with my current major. I hope to achieve my dreams soon! Nothi ng else to report! :)

PS: for those of you who knew me in HS, I no longer have that pesky twilight obsession and no, I did not move to Forks, WA. hahaha

David Serbin


Hello ETHS Drama,

How are all of you?

It has been a (far too) long time since I have seen all of you. The last show I saw was in November, and unfortunately then, I did not get to see Mr. Blackley.

Since graduation, I have been taking classes exclusively at Irvine Valley College. Luckily, I have found time in spite of what sometimes seems like overwhelming homework. I have worked two jobs since I started college, took piano lessons, and am doing martial arts, bike riding, and working out on the side, in spite of the homework.

IVC is great. The teachers are mostly good, and the classes are small, especially compared to Saddleback, which is good for me.

My major went from undecided to economics and finally to psychology, when I got a great teacher who really got me interested in the topic and involved, the way Blackley did with Drama. He is one of the advisors for a psych honors group I am now a part of (my first honors anything, really) and he lets the students run the group pretty much entirely (remind you of anyone?). Some similarities exist between the teachers, activities, and students in the psych group and in drama. I literally just got finished helping them out with a rummage sale this past weekend and it reminded me a whole lot of theatre.

My theatre experience ended about a year ago to a degree. In November of 09, I was in Fiddler on the Roof with Kirsten Dierking and Sean Kelly (with Trevor Roehler teching). Unfortunately, that has been my last show. The next semester I took a theatre appreciation course with Ron Ellison, the director at IVC. He also reminded me of Blackley.
Although I took the theatre appreciation course in Spring, I consider from the time I finished Fiddler to now to be my "hiatus" from theatre. In December, I ran into Sean Kelly and Kyle Seitz at the movie theatre and since then I have literally been running into theatre people from high school and college non-stop, which is what prompted to me to post. Things feel a lot different for me, yet I can never forget the tools (public speaking, acting, improvisation, getting on stage, etc.) which helped me build confidence to get where I am.

I will never forget theatre and comedy sportz. I hope to do another show if time permits before I leave IVC, but no matter what, I will always have an appreciation for theatre (no pun intended) and try to see shows. Hopefully I can get to see one of your shows or comedy sportz matches sometime soon.

My overall GPA has thankfully not dropped below a 3.0 since I started college, and I hope to keep it that way. My plan is to transfer to UCI within the next two years, hopefully by the end of 2012.

Dave "The Wave" Serbin

Elyse Montoya


Hey Guys!

So again i have no idea if anyone reads these, but i think they are fun! Anyways i just read over my last entry and things have changed since then! Yep im still acting! I have been so blessed in this field and i can not wait to keep going! I think the last thing i put was that i was in Odd Couple in Fullerton! Well, since then i have transferred schools, i am now attending UCI in hopes to pursue my BFA in Musical Theatre, however i will be just as happy with a BA due to the fact that only 8 people get into the BFA a year! I am also getting my minor in English because quite frankly if acting doesnt work out all i want to do is teach English!

Show wise, I had the greatest privelige of playing Olive Ostrovsky in the show The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Brea Curtis Professional Theatre, which i actually work at now too! I am a House Manager and Box office associate for this theatre and it is really great! I also just finished a professional show in San Diego called Spider Baby! It was the most interesting show i have ever done but what made it more interesting was that i had 3 days to learn it! Someone dropped out a week before so i had one blocking rehearsal one vocal rehearsal and then tech and then we opened! It was crazy but fun!

I am still with my boyfriend Andrew Tutor, going on 2 and a half years :) He goes to Fullerton and is a Kinesiology Major :) It is kind of sad because it is getting to the point where i do not really know anyone in the theatre deparment anymore, but if you guys do read this i just want to say, this department really made me who i am and helped me grow in so many ways that i am so thankful for. I miss everyone dearly and hope you are all pursuing your dreams.

Thanks Guys and Have a Great Day :)


Miss ya Blackley!

Wow! So i was just super bored and looked up some old photos and of course they are all with my friends from drama so i went to look at our website and saw this and thought hey why not! Dont know if anyone actually reads this but hey you never know haha

Soooo ever since graduation i have been going to Fullerton College! I was really excited to get cast in the first show i auditioned for which was Bent. A very deep emotional show that really showed me the level of intensity with college shows. Then i auditioned for Rent and made that too! That one i was even more excited about because 200 people auditioned and i was one of 8 girls that made it! yaya! haha anyways then i had to take like actual scademic classes which sucked but that is ok. I took the intermediate acting class the next semester and actually landed a part in the Odd Couple at a community theatre in Fullerton called Stages Theatre, all because the director was in my class and liked my work. Its all about connections! Somewhere around there our very own kyle seitz asked me to audition for a show that he would be assistant directing at IVC called An O'Henry Xmas, i got in and got to work with Sean Kelly and Trevor Roehelor and even Mrs. Andrews haha. So that was a fun experience. My latest and most exciting thing i think is i just got cast in my first PAYING show! Woo! I am so excited! It is an original musical written by the director called The Piano Party at the Brea Curtis Theatre! I had to go through an audition, callback, 1st cut than the longest week ever before i got my call! So i am very excited about that! So for those of you who do read this! You should come see it ;)

I currently have a BF named Andrew Tutor :) We actually met in the first show i did at Fullerton, Bent, however no he is not a theatre kid. Which is kind of nice to be honest. We have been together for about a year and a half i really like him so we will see!

I am also an English Tutor at my College for Freshman english kids and it is awesome! I love helping them out and i love english so it is really fun!

Oh and i am playing soccer, but dont tell Blackley! :x haha

Needless to say acting has not left my life at all, actually i cant see it ever leaving! I just applied to a few schools so i can go on to get my BFA in Musical Theatre and then the plan is to head out to New York and live on Dereks couch! haha but he doesnt know it yet! :) or Michigan!

Well anyways this has been my boring rant. To all of you i miss you very much. Every single person i came in contact with. Even those who i dont talk to anymore, whether it be because we went our seperate ways or unfortunalty our friendship not working out. I genuienly miss you all and hope you are all pursuing your dreams and having a happy life!

And Mr. Blackley! I wouldnt be where i am without you! I miss you a lot! Thanks for everything you taught me. :)

Byeee. Elyse :)


Class of 2010

Collin Houston


I have been hanging out with other alumni.

Class of 2011

Patrick Carlile


Hello Drama Class! Its me Patrick. I've only been a graduate a few months, but I've had a lot of exciting things since I've graduated. I've been accepted to Southern University of Utah as of May 2011 and have been accepted into their Theatre Program as of July 2011 and I amvery excited to attend their after I return home from my mission. That's right I'm going on a mission. I have been called to Labor in the Berlin Germany Mission and I am even more excited to go there and serve the German people. I have had so many wonderfule moments in this department and I encourage everyone that has anything to do with this department to always keep trying, and you will find your place here. Mr. Blackley is an amzing Director, Teacher and Person. You can't go wrong as long as you do what he says. He wants you to succeed. Break a leg!