Class of 1980

Gilmore Rizzo


After graduation I continued to study theater and landed a role at the Laguna Moulton Playhouse. For many years I co-starred in touring company shows throughout California and the U.S., until one day I was just too exhausted from living out of a suitcase with nothing more to show for it than 18 scrapbooks full of pictures and clippings.

So... I moved back to Southern California and got into television and movies (where the real money is). During the late 80's throughout the 90's I guest starred in such wonderful series as Roseanne, L.A. Law, Step By Step, Murder She Wrote, Full House, Golden Girls, The Fannelli Boys, Matlock, and 8 1/2 amazing years as a regular (and staging assistant) on Murphy Brown. As I started to grow older Hollywood made it clear that I was no longer the freshed faced KID in town and I have moved into producing. I am in partnership with PBS to produce a new educational series. I also, teach and produce shows for children & Teens in private school. I also perform all over the country with my Cabaret group "The 4 Friends". We sing Broadway, Standards, original songs, New Age inspirational, Bawdy/Risque, classic Doo Wop and comedic songs. We are planning on a European tour for 2005 - 2006.

I still keep involved with theater because of the education I received at El Toro High School. The best drama teacher and department of any school. The focus, discipline and "thick skin" I acquired from working and learning at El Toro helped me to survive as long as I did in this terrible and awesome business. I wouldn't change my life experiences for anything. Keep up the good work El Toro by keeping the ARTS alive and may you continue to inspire those you touch.

Class of 1985

Andrew Roe


Residing in Southern California, Northern California, Seattle, and back to Southern California. Working in the music industry, artist management, concert promoter.

Tina Marie Forsyth (Fortune)


I'm the very busy homeschool mom of 9 children. Most of us are actively involved in theater. I have a been a Shakespeare mentor/director for a number of years. I am a writer/composer/director and am currently in the middle of completing a musical entitled "The Royal Academy".

Class of 1987

david block

David Block


After High School, I attended college on and off for about 4 years, with no real results and no real direction. My main focus was to work as much as I could, and become the best at whatever it was I did... and let me tell you, I did a lot. I worked in several retail positions in the Laguna Hills Mall, including Managing the Custom Mugs and T-shirt kiosk, Assistant Manager at the B. Dalton, and others. In 1994, I went to work as the Registrar for Computer Education Institute, in Laguna Hills, where I remained for two years.

In 1996, I decided to join my father and open a Web Design company; at a time when very few people/companies were online, and even fewer people knew how to build websites. I had created more than 40 websites by the year 2001, when I decided to take the next step and, finally, get my degree. I enrolled at The Art Institute of California at Orange County as a Graphic Design major, where I am currently scheduled to graduate in October of 2004. I am still a Web Designer, but have incorporated my Graphic Design skills into the mix offering offline, (print) solutions to my clients who need brochures, posters, logos, etc..

I was married in June of 1998, and have two gorgeous children - and one on the way (due in October 2004). We are still living in Lake Forest while I finish school... once I am done, we may move elsewhere, but not if I can help it.

My family website is and my company website (in need of being updated) is (my other website, which is a work in process can be seen at )

Class of 1989

jim baldwin

Jim Baldwin

AIM: clockworkfan

Wife, Merrie Pardee, class of 1990 wrote:

Jim received his degree in Drama from SDSU and has worked for several theatres. He recently left his job at the Laguna Playhouse and is now working for a pharmaceutical firm in Irvine (family friendly hours). We are living in Laguna Hills but are hoping to move back to Lake Forest so our daughter will be a Charger student and drive Mr. Roberts (Dave) nuts in choir!