Class of 1977

Edward C. Horner


Wow has it been a long just seeing the country and living life, I just was fooling around on the internet and thought I would see if there was a web site for ETHS.

I see that the control room still looks the same!! I hope you "updated" the lighting and sound, (it was the latest thing in 1974) I now live in las vegas working for a major casino (stewarding dept.) and "grand productions" are the norm here, but I still miss acting on our "grand stage." Please I would love to see pictures of how the theater looks now.

I will keep in touch and I hope to make it out for a show soon.

Phil Foster


I received a BA in theatrical design from Cal State Long Beach. I specialize in dance lighting design and I am currently working for a lighting special effects company in LA. (GAM Products Inc.) Over the past 30 years +, I have been a set designer, lighting designer, costume designer and make up designer in the professional and educational arena. I also have been a teacher for 15 of the 30 years. I am a certified secondary drama teacher and industrial tech teacher.

I have been married for 26 years and I have 3 grown children. I travel all over the country working with educators, students and professional designers and architects, helping them learn about working with color and lighting special effects.

Anyone is welcome to contact me. My email at GAM is I look forward to talking with current and former ETHS theatre people.